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Riding the ESG Wave in the Built Industry

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Built Environment Transformation Forum

Construction Future and Beyond

SGBC-GMAP CPD Points: Pending


The Built Environment Transformation Forum at BuildTech Asia is a pivotal gathering that highlights the revolution in Building and Construction. The forum emphasizes the adoption of digital technologies to enhance operational efficiency, enable data-driven decision-making, and elevate user experiences. Additionally, it explores the integration of robotics and automation in construction practices to achieve safer, more efficient, and sustainable building processes. The forum also discusses sustainability and resilience, advocating for environmentally responsible construction methods that minimize ecological impact and prioritize long-term durability while ensuring the well-being of occupants and communities. This forum provides an invaluable platform for industry leaders and professionals to engage with the latest trends and technologies that are shaping the future of the built environment.

Opening Ceremony
10.00am - 10.05amOpening Remarks
10.05am - 10.15amGOH Welcome Speech
10.15am - 11.00am


Collaborative Construction: Paving the Future of Building Excellence 

This keynote session will explore the transformative power of collaboration within the construction industry. From breaking down silos to embracing integrated project delivery, we will delve into strategies that unleash synergy across the construction value chain and discover how innovation, communication, and shared goals can redefine project outcomes and set the stage for a future where collaboration is the driving force behind construction excellence. 


  • Heng Teck Thai, Deputy CEO, Building and Construction Authority 
11.00am - 11.30amRealising the Future: How AI and Connected Technologies are Transforming Construction for Enhanced Productivity, Safety and Sustainability

The construction industry is undergoing a significant transformation with the integration of artificial intelligence (AI) and connected technologies. This session will explore how these advancements are revolutionizing the construction sector, enhancing productivity, improving safety, and driving sustainable practices. The panel of industry experts will delve into the various applications of AI and connected technologies in construction, discussing their impact on design and planning, project management, safety, automation, quality control, asset management, and data analytics. 
11.30am - 12.00pm

Panel Discussion: The Role of BIM (Building Information Modelling) in Building Resilient Construction and Collaboration 

  • Gain insights into how BIM directly impacts effective project management, risk mitigation, and long-term building maintenance.

  • Gain practical knowledge on leveraging BIM for better visualization, coordination, and construction process optimization to achieve resilient and sustainable structures.

  • Discuss strategies for utilizing BIM to foster collaboration among diverse stakeholders, such as architects, engineers, contractors, and facility managers.


  • Obtain practical insights on implementing BIM for enhanced communication, coordinated decision-making, and ultimately improving project outcomes and lifecycle management efficiency.

  • Siti Norman, Director (Digital), Turner & Townsend

  • Ir. Andi Sanjaya Tjong, Chairman (Singapore Chapter), Persatuan Insinyur Indonesia (PII)
  • Ir Budi Utomo, President and Founder, Lean Construction Institute, Indonesia 
12.00pm - 1.00pmLunch Break
SMART Building & Construction (Robotics & Automation)
1.00pm - 1.45pm

Panel Discussion - Enhancing Productivity with Construction Robotics and Automation 

  • Comprehend how robotics and automation technologies can be integrated into construction processes to boost productivity and efficiency.

  • Learn strategies to identify and implement automation solutions that streamline construction workflows and tasks, leading to improved project timelines and cost-effectiveness.

  • Gain insights into the direct impact of robotics and automation on enhancing productivity metrics while maintaining or improving the quality standards in construction projects.

  • Understand the challenges in adopting construction robotics and automation, and gaining strategies to overcome these hurdles for successful implementation within construction contexts.

    Confirmed Panelist:

    - Adhityan Anbumozhi, Lecturer, University of Pennsylvania, United States

1.45pm - 2.15pm

Sustainable Construction Practices for Resilient Buildings in the Face of Disruptions 

This topic emphasizes the importance of eco-friendly design strategies, renewable energy integration, waste reduction, and circular economy principles in constructing resilient buildings. It discusses how sustainable practices contribute to long-term sustainability, energy efficiency, and environmental resilience. 


  • Tan Szue Hann, Head of Sustainability and Deputy General Manager, Real Estate Division, Keppel, Singapore

2.15pm - 2.45pm

Case Study - Enhancing Efficiency: Advancements in Integrated Facilities Management


  • Representative from Infinity Cube
2.45pm - 3.15pm

Panel Discussion: Realising the Potential: Innovations in Construction Materials and Techniques

  • Gain insights into cutting-edge construction materials, sustainable construction methods, and understand their unique properties and applications.

  • Learn how these innovations contribute to improved performance metrics, durability, and reduced environmental impact within the construction sector, aligning with sustainability goals.

  • Explore strategies for integrating these emerging materials and techniques into existing construction practices, fostering innovation while overcoming potential adoption challenges.

  • Understand the potential implications of these innovations on future construction projects, including their influence on design, construction timelines, costs, and overall sustainability in the industry.


  • Lu Jin Ping, President American Concrete Institute (Singapore Chapter)

Sustainability & Resilience
3.15pm - 4.00pmAdapting to Change: The Evolution of Work in Construction Amidst  Labour Shortage 

This session discusses emerging trends in workforce management, remote collaboration, digital skills, and the impact of AI and automation on job roles and skill requirements in the construction industry. It explores how the evolving nature of work in construction is influenced by technological advancements and changing industry dynamics.   We will also address strategies to tackle the industry's labour shortage, including attracting and retaining talent, upskilling and reskilling initiatives, and leveraging technology to augment the workforce. It discusses how a holistic approach can mitigate the challenges posed by the scarcity of skilled labour in the construction industry. 
4.00pm - 4.30pm

Fireside Chat: Building a Sustainable Future: Green Financing Strategies for the Construction Industry

This session delves into the innovative strategies and solutions for financing environmentally friendly building projects, with a focus on green building practices, materials, and technologies. Attendees will gain insights into the latest trends, opportunities, and challenges in green financing, empowering them to make informed decisions that not only benefit their bottom line but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-conscious construction sector. 


  • Jasper Wong, Managing Director, Head of Real Estate & Hospitality and Construction & Infrastructure, UOB Group

  • Edmund Ng, Co-Founder & CEO, Doxa

4.30pm - 5.00pm

Case Study: Building a Safer Tomorrow: Trends in Construction Safety and Risk Mitigation

This session will address emerging technologies, training programs, and safety protocols to improve construction site safety, mitigate risks, and protect the well-being of workers.


  • Raymond Wat, Regional General Manager, International Powered Access Federation (IPAF)
5.00pm - 5.05pmClosing Remarks

Note: Above Program is accurate as of 25 January 2024 and is subject to changes. 

End of Conference Day 1

AIBotics @Built Environment - Leveraging Technologies of AI & Robotics in Smart Construction

Co-organised with APARA

*Separate registration is required for this session! Please click below to register.*


AI & Robotic technologies are now paving the way to redefine construction project management. With the ability to predict possible delays, optimize resource allocation, and provide real-time updates on project progress, deploying these technologies can ensure that projects are completed on time and within budget. In an era where technology permeates every facet of our lives, the construction industry - often perceived as steadfast and traditional - is on the brink of a revolutionary transformation. The confluence of Artificial Intelligence (AI) and robotics with construction practices is not just reshaping the way we build, but also reimagining the roles and responsibilities within the industry.

Speakers at this forum will share some of the recent deployments of AI and Robotics, and discuss deployment issues in ensuring the effective and optimal use of such technologies.

9.30am - 9.35amOpening Remarks

Speaker: Ms Shanlynn Lee (President of APARA)
9.35am - 9.40amIntroduction 

''Leveraging Technologies to Augment Human Capacity''

Speaker: Mr Oliver Tian (Vice-Chair of International Alliance of Robotics Association)
9.40am - 10.00am Invited Keynote

''New Developments on Adopting Technologies in the Built Environment''

Speaker: Dr Ishkandar Baharain (Chairman of TechCapital Bhd -  Malaysia)
10.00am - 10.20amSpecial keynote

''Costs and Trends of Green Buildings - An Emerging Perspective''

Speaker: Mr Danie Hoffman (Programme Leader, Built Environment, University of Pretoria - South Africa)

10.20am - 10.40am

Local keynote

''Setting Green Building Policy for the Built Environment''

Speaker: Dr Edward Ang (Programme Director, Green Building Policy and Technology Department, Building and Construction Authority)
10.40am - 11.00am Tea Break
11.00am - 11.15am

Invited Speaker

''Digital Tools for GeoTech & Civil Engineering Using AI''

Speaker: Mr Michael Earle (CEO of Inspekt AI - Asia/ USA)

11.15am - 11.30am Invited Speaker

''Use of Robotic Technology in Construction''

Speaker: Prof Rajesh Mohan (Professor, SUTD, and Co-Founder LionsBot)
11.30am - 11.45amInvited Speaker

''The Future of Construction for Korea and Southeast Asia Collaboration''

Speaker: Mr JongHeon Kim (Vice-President, Korea Institute of Robot Industry Advancement - Korea)
11.45am - 12.25pmPanel Discussion

''Preparing the Construction Sector for adoption of AI and Robotic Technologies''
Moderated by Mr Oliver Tian (Singapore)

In today's world, multiple industries are leveraging the benefits of AI & Robotics to the fullest of its potential. The technology has helped businesses grow in leaps and bounds with improved quality, security, and efficiency. However, it is observed that engineering and construction are lagging behind in implementing AI & Robotics solutions. Due to the complex challenges that the construction industry faces, the growth in the industry is severely limited. Dealing with challenges like cost and time overruns, labor shortage, health and safety, and productivity can bring revolution to the industry. The construction industry has tremendous potential, and AI & Robotics can be instrumental in bringing this shift. 

3 Questions arise: 
1) Will AI & Robotics replace Humans at work? 
2) How can the current workforce prepare for the arrival of new innovations? 
3) What is the Future of Work? 
12.25pm - 12.30pmClosing Comments:

Note: Above Program is accurate as of 10 January 2024 and is subject to changes. 

IPAF MEWP Safety Symposium 2024

Co-Organised with International Powered Access Federation

*Separate registration is required for this session! Please click below to register.*


IPAF MEWP Safety Symposium 2024 is conducted in conjunction with Powered Access Day which is a unique event initiated by IPAF Singapore’s Workgroup members. This symposium is held to enlighten industry professionals, experts, and key stakeholders on the latest technology and developments in the powered access industry. This symposium also includes a live demo session of the various safety capabilities of MEWPs available in the market.

1.30pm - 1.35pmOpening Remarks
1.35pm - 1.55pmSpeaker 1:
Ministry of Manpower
1.55pm - 2.05pmQ&A Session
2.05pm - 2.25pmSpeaker 2:
IPAF on Safe Use of Powered Access
2.25pm - 2.35pmQ&A Session
2.35pm - 2.55pmSpeaker 3:
Manufacturer - Adoption of Green Technology/Electrifying the Fleet & What Needs to be Considered as a Contractor
2.55pm - 3.05pmQ&A Session
3.05pm - 3.35pmCoffee & Tea Break
3.35pm - 4.35pmTech Talks - Secondary Guarding Devices
4.35pm - 5.35pmMachine Demonstration

Note: Above Program is accurate as of 19 December 2023 and is subject to changes. 

End of Conference Day 2

*Separate registration is required for this session! Please click below to register.*

Riding the ESG Wave in the Built Industry

Co-Organised with Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors & Chartered Institute of Building

*Separate registration is required for this session. Please click below to register.*

CPD Hours: 3 (for RICS and CIOB Members)
SPM CPD Points: 3

RICS Prices

Public Standard Ticket: SGD$80.00 (+ SGD$7.20 GST)
RICS & CIOB Member Standard Ticket: SGD$65.00 (+SGD$5.85 GST)
3 Pax Group Booking: SGD$216.00 (+SGD$19.44 GST)
5 Pax Group Booking: SGD$340.00 (+SGD$30.60 GST)


This seminar includes a keynote speaker and 2 panel discussions. The first panel discussion aims to explore the success and challenges of applying ESG in the industry. It will also highlight the importance of ESG standards and look at the importance of community engagement in shifting the industry’s mindset. The second panel discussion dives into the world of data centres. We’ll hear from the experts on sustainable practices being adopted and technology that is being used to help data centres achieve their ESG goals.

This seminar also aims to bring together thought leaders and industry professionals for a morning of insightful conversations and exchange of insights. Join us as we explore, discuss, and celebrate sustainable practices in the build industry!

9.00am–9.30amRegistration & Refreshments
9.30am–9.40amWelcome Remarks by RICS
9.40am– 9.50amWelcome Remarks by CIOB
9.50am– 10.20am

Opening Keynote Address:
Building a Greener Future, Digitally and Definitively

Speaker: Mr Lee Ang Seng 
(President, Singapore Green Building Council)

10.20am– 11.20am

Panel Discussion 1:
An Application Perspective on Sustainability in the Built Industry

  • Sharing of success and challenges
  • Practical and consistent ESG standards
  • Trending solutions
  • Mindset of the industry and importance of community engagement

Moderator: Mr David Fogarty
(Head of ESG Consulting & Sustainability Services, CBRE Singapore & SEA)

Panel Speakers:

  • Ms Ternasser Chwee
    (Director, Head of Sustainability & Business Advisory, AIS)
  • Mr Kheng Hwa Cheong
    (Head of Sales and Innovation, C&W Services)
  • Mr Darren Teoh
    (Vice President, Group Sustainability, CapitaLand Investment)
  • Mr Andrew Nicholson
    (Executive Director, Real Assets, Asset Management Asia, PAG)
11.20am– 12.20pm

Panel Discussion 2:
The Rise of Data Centers and it’s Adoption of Sustainable Practices

  • Systems to ensure energy and water efficiency
  • The adoption of renewable energy
  • Innovative technologies that contribute to both efficient data processing and reduced carbon footprint
  • ESG implications on the rise of data centers

Moderator: Mr Vivek Dahiya
(Managing Director and Head, APAC Data Centre Advisory, Cushman and Wakefield)

Panel Speakers:

  • Mr Jeffrey Allan
    (Director, AWP Pte Ltd Architects)
  • Mr Kai Goh
    (CEO, Digital Halo)
  • Mr Paul Dwyer
    (Head of Data Centres, LOGOS Group)
  • Ms Gaelle Mogabure
    (Director, ESG, ST Telemedia Global Data Centres)

End of Seminar


*Please note that all registered attendee details will be shared with the event partner (CIOB) and the event organizer (BuildTech Asia).

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Note: The above program is accurate as of February 27, 2024, and is subject to change. 

 Conference Partners

SIFMA Sustainability Boot Camp - Towards a Net Zero Nation

Co-Organised with Singapore International Facility Management Association 

*Separate registration is required for this session! Please click below to register.*

SIFMA prices (s);

SIFMA Members  - $55.00

3 Pax Group Purchase - $150.00

5 Pax Group  - $250.00

Non SIFMA Members - $75.00


The forum aims to bring together 250 facility management professionals to convene physically, to hear from 5 experts in the built environment on sustainability aspects and their applicability to sustainability in Facility Management.

The forum also hopes to emphasize the adoption of BCA’s guidelines for sustainability in Green Mark 2021. This forum will feature 2 very prominent landlords as they share their experiences and advice in achieving excellence in sustainability and being Net-Zero as landlords. There will be a sharing on sustainable developments in electric vehicle charging and its benefits, and practical methods to score in the Green Mark 2021 scheme to achieve energy savings and good Green Mark grading for buildings. It’ll be a very informative Boot Camp for Sustainability Professionals and Facility Management Professionals.


1.00pm - 1.30pmArrival of Guests (Registration starts)
1.30pm - 1.40pmWelcome Address by SIFMA President 
1.40pm - 1.50pmSustainability Development Committee Updates 
1.50pm - 2.10pmSpeaker No. 1: 
BCA latest updates to Green Mark 2021 
2.10pm - 2.30pmSpeaker No. 2: 
Guocoland - Journey to Green Mark Platinum 
2.30pm - 2.50pmSpeaker No. 3: 
Simpple - Greenmark Certification with Technology Providers
2.50pm - 3.10pmSpeaker No. 4: 
DBS - Hack your Building to Make Easy Net Zero Operation 
3.10pm - 3.30pmSpeaker No. 5: 
L-Qube - Topic related to Energy Efficiency in Greenmark 2021 
3.30pm - 4.00pmPanel Discussion:
Moderator (Ms Joanne Koh, SIFMA Board Member, Temasek Poly) 
4.00pm - 4.10pmAppreciation Handshakes and Photo Taking session 
4.10pm - 4.30pm End of Programme and Start of Networking Session 
4.30pm - 6.00pm End of Networking Session 

4 SIFMA CPD hours shall be awarded to CFME Professionals for attending this physical conference. 

Note: Above Program is accurate as of 17 January 2024 and is subject to changes. 

End of Conference Day 3