Please click here to check if you require a visa to enter Singapore.
You can also contact the Immigration & Checkpoint Authority of Singapore
for assistance at:

Tel: +65 6391 6100 (24-hour Call Centre)*

Please note that Customer Service Officers are available during office hours only. Services/Form 14A.pdf

Weekdays 8.00 am to 5.00 pm 
Saturdays 8.00 am to 1.00 pm 
Sundays & Public Holidays Closed
Fax: +65 6298 0843 / 6298 0837
Please click here to locate the Singapore Embassy / Consulate General’s Office nearest to you.
Please click here to download Application Form for a Visa (Form 14A).

Letter of Introduction (LOI)

If you need an official invitation letter in order to get a visa or authorization to come and visit BuildTech Asia 2016, please email to Clarence Ying at with Subject Title: Request for Letter of Invitation for BuildTech Asia 2016. Please include the following in your email,

       •    Full Name (as in passport)       
       •    Business Card (Scanned Copy) 
       •    Passport (Scanned Copy)

       •    Passport Number
       •    Nationality
       •    Job title
       •    Company Name
       •    Address, City and Country
       •    Telephone and Fax number
       •    Company Website

If your request is successful, a copy of your LOI will be faxed / emailed to you and the original copy will follow after through direct mail.

Please note that the visa application process can take up to at least 2 months, depending on the respective country, thus it is important that you start your application as soon as possible to ensure you receive your visa with sufficient time to plan your trip.

Request for LOI will close on 21st September 2016.

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