Ms. Estella Kueh Sing Ming

Director (Development Coordination)
Urban Redevelopment Authority

The Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA) played a key role in transforming vacant piece of land into key growth areas for Singapore.  Not only did URA plan and guide how the land should be used, URA also comprehensively plan, implement and coordinate all the essential infrastructure needed to support all the developments in the area.

As the Director of Development Coordination, Estella leads her team to plan and deliver several major infrastructure planning projects in strategic key growth areas in Singapore including Marina Bay. Estella has worked closely with both public and private sector partners and engineers over a span of 20 years to build up these key infrastructure of Marina Bay including the first-of-its-kind Common Services Tunnel (CST) in South East Asia and the world’s largest underground district cooling system. Currently, Estella is actively involved in the infrastructure planning of Jurong Lake District. Over the past two decades, Estella and her team has also been playing a vital role being part of the technical arm in preparing the tender for the Government Land Sales sites as well as the Request For Proposal for the Marina Bay Integrated Resort.

Estella graduated with a Civil Engineering (Hons) degree from Monash University, Australia and holds a Master of Science (Transportation & Systems Management) from the National University of Singapore. 


Topic: Journey from Marina Bay to Jurong Lake
Time: 2.25pm - 2.45pm   


The speaker will cover on her involvement of the infrastructure planning from Marina Bay to Jurong Lake District.  Starting with the reclamation of 313.7 hectares of land in Marina Bay which paved the way for one of the most important and forward-thinking urban planning and development projects in Singapore yet.  This virgin land provided a blank canvas for URA planners and engineers to realise their vision for a new urban concept: a unique, world-class business and financial centre to rival leading financial centres around the world.

The speaker will cover the innovative infrastructure which was implemented in the early 90s which played an important part in the efficient and effective transformation of Marina Bay.  In order to enhance productivity and not be overly dependent on labour intensive work, URA planned for a purpose built underground Common Services Tunnels (CST) network to house utilities underneath the road carriageways.  The CST enhances the reliability of utilities services and minimise disruption due to repeated digging up of the roads for installation and maintenance.  The CST is also a vital ‘backbone’ that enables other sustainable and efficient urban infrastructure e.g. District Cooling Services and the Pneumatic Waste Conveyance System to be seamlessly implemented within the district.  These district urban infrastructure are important to Singapore as they optimise resources and increase productivity.  Moving forward, CST is now being considered in Singapore’s next central business district which is Jurong Lake District. 


Panel Discussion

Topic:  Empowering Women in Built Environment
Time: 3.05pm - 3.45pm   


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