Seizing opportunities from Asia’s infrastructure boom

Statistics from the Asian Development Bank


Rapid urbanisation has given rise to a dire need for the development of new transport, healthcare, water and sanitation facilities. Infrastructure development is currently the top priority of many governments in Asia, turning it into the engine of growth for tomorrow!


The Asian Development Bank estimates that Southeast Asia alone will need infrastructure investments
of US$2.76 trillion between 2016 and 2030.
Image source: World Economic Forum


While this presents significant opportunities for companies in the regional infrastructure value chain, how can you stay ahead of many others vying to be a part of this exciting development?


Understanding the latest industry developments and market demands

A good understanding of the evolving international market demands is essential to better position any organisation’s products and services. Information gathering and business networking platforms such as BuildTech Asia 2017 nurtures the sharing of expertise, with a wide variety of advanced solutions from construction machinery and equipment, smart and productive technologies, building materials and architectural solutions, and quality finishes from advanced countries and around the region.

Austria, China, Germany, Indonesia, Ireland, Italy, Korea, Malaysia, Singapore and United Kingdom are some of the exhibiting countries at BuildTech Asia 2017. Trade associations from Australia, France, Indonesia, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Poland, Singapore, Vietnam and many other overseas trade delegations will also be attending the event.


Held during the Singapore Construction Productivity Week, BuildTech Asia not only showcases a wide variety of exhibits from some 120 companies but also fosters knowledge-sharing through new co-located activities during the week.

Adding an interesting twist to an industry that is perceived to be male dominant is the inaugural SMART Women in Built Environment conference. Open to all genders, this one-day conference features discussions by leading women professionals from Australia, Philippines, Singapore and Thailand as well as female representatives from various Government agencies. Online pre-registration for the conference is open until 25 October.

The Built Environment Summit is a one-day conference organised by Singapore Contractors Association Limited and addresses global and local issues in promoting innovation, productivity and calls for closer integration and effective collaboration among stakeholders across the construction value chain. Topics discussed at the summit include the “The Future of Construction” report by the World Economic Forum and Singapore’s Construction Industry Transformation Map.

Other key events happening during the Singapore Construction Productivity Week include the Regional Perspective to Design for Manufacturing and Assembly Workshop, Experiential Workshop as well as the BuildSmart Conference, where international industry experts share their experience adopting advanced construction technologies and processes in their projects, best practices, and the latest developments in the region.


Strengthening regional collaboration through Strategic Business Networking

Understanding the latest market developments is simply not enough in this complex industry that we operate in. As the old adage goes, “It’s not what you know but who you know that matters” when fostering business relationships. It has now become the norm to improve one’s business network by connecting with international peers and exploring possibilities for collaboration. 


BuildTech Asia has come a long way since its inception. The trade show now attracts approximately 20% of its visitors from the international arena, posing an excellent opportunity for all visitors to interact with regional professionals. We even provide customised business matching and abundant networking opportunities at BuildTech Asia 2017 to help you meet your business goals.

To leverage on the extensive business matching services onsite, visitors are encouraged to pre-register online at before 18 October. By pre-registering before 18 October with the promo code FBMi@BTA, you can also stand a chance to win a pair of free tickets to the SMART Women in Built Environment conference worth $320!


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